Our Promise


Recognizing Newfoundland & Labrador Tradition

Our seals come from the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. The first people to harvest seals were the Aboriginal peoples. All of the Aboriginal cultures which lived in Newfoundland and Labrador before and after contact with Europeans relied on seals to a greater or lesser extent. GATEWAY Omega-3 respects the indigenous roots of Canada’s harvest.

We Promise Safety and Quality

We test and re-test every lot of oil and capsules so that you don’t need to worry about quality and safety – that’s our promise. We ensure the highest quality standards are met to bring you the best quality product. But don’t just take our word. Trust our approvals and certifications.

We Promise a Humane and Sustainable Harvest

For 500 years, generations of east coast communities have harvested harp seals. We respect the need for a humane, professional and sustainable seal harvest. Sealers have training, experience and licences. They harvest harp seals based on practices created by veterinarians.

We Promise to Keep Our Roots

We source, clean and package GATEWAY omega-3 in Canada. This has always been our practice and will remain our promise. You can find our facilities and partners across Canada.




Harp seals are not endangered


98% of seals are harvested humanely

(Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, 2005)


Baby seals are not harvested


Harp seals are full use animals

Pelts for garments, blubber for omega-3 oil and meat for food.





“…the harp seal population is at a near record high with an estimated eight million individuals. Current harvest levels pose no threat to the long-term health of the species at this time.”

— World Wildlife Fund Canada, 2012